Upcoming NBA2K17 Could Feature the United States Olympic Team

The series of 2K game is one of the most highly anticipated titles of this year, especially the NBA2K17 is more popular than other game. With time pass away, fans access to learn related video game features on internet,It will offer more information what fans want to get. If you want to know the related news of 2K game, recommend you click into U4NBA.COM.

At present, a new speculation (rooted from the game’s cover) suggests that the upcoming game could feature the United States Olympic Team. In fact, this could mean a possibility of international competition being part of it all. Meanwhile, here are some of the pre-made league teams it will introduce.


“NBA 2K17” was first announced in May, with Paul George of the Indiana Pacers being the face of the cover. While it could simply mean nothing, for hardcore fans — in way or another — it actually does.

As seen on the “NBA 2K17” cover, George is also wearing his Team USA uniform (the one on the left). According to SegmentNext, this might refer to the possibility of the country’s Olympic Team being part of the forthcoming title. After all, this has happened for the first time in the history of all “NBA 2K” games.

There is every reason why 2K Games would resort to such “NBA 2K17” cover. The Olympics is fast approaching, so they probably would want to hype things up. Nonetheless, having the USA Team in the franchise is not entirely new. In “NBA 2K13,” players can take control of the 2012, but only when in the Exhibition mode.

If “NBA 2K17” would indeed feature the Olympic Team, then there is a possibility that players could once again take control — be it in the Exhibition mode or not. But of course, they would love to taking things a little bit further.

Meanwhile, related reports that the “NBA 2K17” pre-made expansions team have been revealed. Some of them include the Nashville Stars, San Diego Surf, Virginia Storm, Louisville Liberty and Kansas City Knights.

finally, you need to know NBA2K17’s release date, on september, NBA2K17 will be release on games platforms, if you want the play the game in advance, you is likely to buy NBA2K17 MT.

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