Show For The Karl-Anthony Towns First Official Screenshot

Karl-Anthony Towns is the player featured in NBA 2K’s latest screenshot reveal: NBA Rookie of the Year and cornerstone of the Minnesota Timberwolves franchise.


Actually, we are extremely pleased to see the scene of him getting this type of exposure, it’s clear to see KAT is probably next superstar in the league. More latest news, please attention to U4NBA.COM.

It is earlier reveal in the week that (Paul George, Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler) I’ve included a side-by-side comparison image of KAT in NBA 2K16 with the new render for NBA 2K17.



From what we can see, KAT’s hair has clearly been upgraded. His complexion and overall facial render is on point. Of the four that have been revealed to this point, this is my favorite.

We can’t see the torso or legs to determine whether KAT is carrying more heft in NBA 2K17. Thicker models appears to be the chosen direction for many of the players.

We should have three more days of screenshot reveals remaining, and there could be other information released. If you want to see more screenshot, stay tuned U4NBA.

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