Pepole Expect to NBA2K17 Games More Realistic

Official news reports: NBA2K17 release date is less than a month away, meanwhile, first official screenshots and trailer start face to fans across the world, the purpose is achieve the desired hype’s effect. Every year, it’s hope springs eternal and gamers are optimistic (or on Twitter, you are viciously pessimistic) ,2K17 will show a better product based on 2K16 brought to the table and the result. Stay tuned U4NBA reported latest NBA2K17 news.


We can see by all sorts of angles that 2K series games as a popular game, a lot of people seeing its upgrade and change, Some people want to see a more realistic career mode while others just want their custom avatar to look as fly as possible for MyPark.

The game’s actual mechanics are often scrutinized from year to year as developers tweak everything to reflect the real life NBA, much to chagrin or joy of fans. And then there are nut cases like myself who want to see the sneakers get as much love and care from the team as the uniforms, the accessories and the sweat crew. Yes, getting the level of sweat accurate is a critical part of any 2K game and why people care about that more than the kicks is beyond me.

After all, we should pleased to that sneakers is extremely close to real effect in the game, before we reach that uncanny valley, there are still a ways to go. So about some comments such as beyond the “make the shoes more real LOLZ”, we also see other things, this means that some uncommon and beyond things, we still awaiting for its change. Click into related games platforms to get latest news such as U4NBA.COM.

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