NBA2K16 Paul’s Sreenshot to Compare with the NBA2K17

Some day ago, as announced by 2K’s introduction about the 1992 Dream team and the 2016 men’s national team for the Olympics. At present, related screenshot of Paul George appeared, obviously, we’ve seen George done his official Pacers uniform on an official screenshot.

Possibly, for gamers and fans who had been paying attention to detail in the NBA 2k’s graphic engine, the screenshot above shows that 2K is pushing the game’s graphical muscle to make the players appear more life-like than ever.

Paul’s recreation in “NBA 2k16″ pales to compare with the game’s newest iteration, which can be easily seen here.



Hopefully, this would be the same exact visuals that fans and players will be able to experience with “NBA 2k17″ and fortunately, 2K is never the publisher to disappoint and fans can be sure to enjoy the features it has to offer.

As “NBA 2K17″ slowly approaches, we’ll get a daily dose of screenshots from the official NBA2K twitter account every noon, so following them on Twitter is a must for fans in order to see more of the game’s visual and features.

In other news, NBA2K Official Soundtrack has been revealed just a few days ago as reported by Gamespot. For those who can’t get enough of the game’s jams, the official soundtrack contains 50 songs from various artists like Jay-Z, Drake, OutKast, and more.

Their songs are available to be listened to on Spotify. A list of all the songs included in the OST for “NBA 2K17″ is also featured on PastaPadre.

NBA2K17 will be released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC this September 20, If you pre-ordered in advance, you would be get the edition of game four days earlier, we can creat access to get more related NBA2K17 news, recommend you click into U4NBA.COM.

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